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About Rita Kurtz

Google my name: Rita Kurtz
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     Rita is an interdisciplinary researcher and recent graduate of Harvard University with a master's degree from the Faculty of Arts & Sciences department. Studying under esteemed Harvard Law School Professor Roberto Mangabeira Unger (SJD), Harvard University Law Director of Intellectual Property Allan Ryan, including Dr. Cornel West (Presidential Candidate 2024), and Dr. Arthur Kleinman (Harvard Department of Anthropology and Psychiatry), gave her well-roundedness in the interdisciplinary studies of law, anthropology, philosophy, ethics, morals, media, religiosity, and politics making her a well-prepared Ph.D. candidate.

     Through the acquisition of a prestigious Cross-Registration Academic Scholarship from Harvard, she gained a broader academic perspective and cultivated a profound curiosity about making scholarly contributions to the discourse surrounding difficult existential inquiries. In light of her Harvard Professor Unger's discussions on ethical, moral, and legal ramifications of utilizing artificial intelligence and the effects of the Knowledge Economy, she further investigated these topics, gaining the implications of the historical Tocquevillian perspective on the underestimation of technology's role. Historical data such as history, religiosity, and technology, piqued her interest in investigating these future issues in an effort to offer deeper research and discussions to grapple with these AI existential issues.

     While at Harvard University, Rita combined her professional skills in television and film and took part in several projects, such as being selected out of several candidates, to participate in a research study at the Langer Mindfulness Lab in the Department of Psychology which delved into the intense psychological effects of news medium's impact on the consumption and conveyance of news to the public. As a researcher at Harvard, she wrote two research papers and successfully presented them to a panelist of fellow Ph.D. scientists. The first paper researched Nutraceutical Skin Therapy: Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Ganoderma lucidum, a study on how mushrooms may support youthful skin and aid in patients suffering from the autoimmune disease, sarcoidosis. The second delved into extensive research on Meat Analogues: Are We Making a Positive Political Advancement to Save the Planet? Or A Personal Health Choice that Barely Sustains Ourselves?, uncovering the unnatural ingredients masked in meatless burgers from Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger. She became a published nonfiction writer and a certified digital storyteller while at Harvard. 

     In her undergraduate degree, her interdisciplinary studies in law, anthropology and philosophy, makes her a well-rounded research candidate. Her past academia undergraduate BBA studies covered a gamut of disciplines including writing legal briefs and law courses in Constitutional Law, Business Law I &II, Torts, Corporate Finance, Accounting 1 & 2, Human Resources, Business Policy, Political Science, Operations Management, Programming, Economics, Chemistry, Chemistry Lab, and Consumer Behavior. Her studies in computer programming, economics, anthropology, and philosophy, broadened her technical mindset for business.

     Rita runs an online e-commerce store and is a digital content creator, gaining some experience with Python Programming language. She stays current on mainstream topics as a blogger, social media influencer, and actress/entertainer. As a world traveler, she divides her time between speaking, performing, and engaging in television, radio, and stage productions. She has covered tech news and innovations as a repeat spokesperson at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), MacWorld, and for Belkin Components, hence the nickname, “Gadget Girl.” Her past acting appearances aired on Lifetime, History Channel, Fox, and the Paramount Network, landing her on an Emmy-nominated show. Her experience in media, led to a career in television, radio, movies, stage, and writing, gained her the branding of RitaRitaRita.

     As a prior executive producer, TV and radio host of a positive side of sports, life and entertainment variety show, her co-hosts included Pro-NFL players and Industry Professionals. The show broadcasted on Warner Brothers Television and Fox. Her position led to interviews with billionaires, millionaires, celebrities, professional athletes, NASCAR drivers, professional medical staff, professional attorneys, musicians, and business owners. As a headline lead singer, she has toured with Grammy-Award winning musicians, and performed the national anthem for several professional sports teams around the United States. Rita is a strong writer, researcher, listener, articulate speaker, and takes direction well. She is most recognized for the national TV commercial in which she belted opera on a bus with a guy dressed like a Scandinavian viking-JG Wentworth (877-CASHNOW).

     Rita formerly worked with a private company as a Government Account Executive supplying computer networks to the U.S. military around the globe creating relationships between the civilian sector and the government. She has also worked as a Record-Breaking Executive Technical Recruiter, receiving "Recruiter of the Month" and "Recruiter of the Year," for placing the highest commission received for the company, by placing a CEO into a Fortune 500 Tech Company. Her responsibilities as an Executive Technical Recruiter placed C-level executives into major tech companies and start-ups. Her well roundedness and entrepreneurial mindset led her to running a successful bakery at the Department of Defense (DoD) Air Force Exchange.

     Currently pursuing her Doctorate of Philosophy degree, with a Christian Lens on ethics and morals, in Psychology and Law, her current research interests include artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), law, ethics, morals, neuroscience, bioethics, aviation, military affairs, divinity and diversity. Her postgraduate studies at Liberty University allows her to research, analyze, test, generate new data, and the application of statistical and analytical data. Setting academic theories in psychology with a Christian worldview, opening deeper theories into more professional values, morals, ethics, behaviors, attitudes, justices, theoretical modeling, evidence-based modeling, culturally diversity standardization, leadership in trends, concepts, and methods. She is currently studying neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social-personality psychology, neurotheology, law, and statistics. Her main focus lies in self-regulation in the discipline of Health Psychology from a holistic-mind, body, spirit, and soul approach.

     She is a current member of the American Psychological Association (APA), American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS), National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), American Federation of Musicians (AFM), Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS), Harvard Black Alumni Society (HBAS), Harvard Club of NY, Harvard Club of Southern California, and the Harvard Alumni Association. She currently resides in Beverly Hills, California. Her faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation for her life. 



  • High Potential Individual Visa(HPI) holder in the United Kingdom from 2024-2026. The HPI Visa provides preferential treatment to academic elite students with a professional degree from a top-ranked Ivy League university within the past five years, expanding horizons and international business in the United Kingdom. In 2022, only 1342 applicants were accepted globally.

  • SMARTscholarship 2023 semi-finalist

  • Harvard Academic Cross-Registration Scholarship Award 2021

  • Top 20 List on Talking Writer 2020

  • Record-breaking "Recruiter of the Month" for earning the company's highest single-placement for placing a CEO, as an Executive C-Level recruiter in a Fortune 500 Tech Company.

  • SEFMD Science and Engineering Award in Microbiology, (First place (level 1) and second place (level 2)


Dr. Rita Kurtz (Ph.D. in progress) is a Harvard University Scholar and Thought Leader in multidisciplinary and cross-sector concentrations including Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology, writing, law, psychology, neuroscience, neurotheology, ethics, morals, divinity, diversity, anthropology, and the sciences. 
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